Course Info

2021 Course


Looking at 2019 Strava profiles from athletes post race the average was 13k ft of gain for the 100 and 6.5k ft of gain for the 50.

2021 will be approximately the same.

Start/Finish is at 8750 ft.

Loop 1:

-Highest point is the top of Prospect Loop at 11,182 ft.

-Lowest spot is on on Coal Chutes trail just before transitioning to Vance Junction Trail at 8095 ft.

Loop 2:

-Highest point is Last Dollar Pass which is 10,676 ft.

-Lowest spot on the course is the intersection of 58P and Hwy. 145 in Sawpit on Loop 2 which is 7596 ft.

T100 2021 LOOP 1 final.jpg

2021 Telluride 100 - Loop 1 ( NOTE: 50 mile course )

T100 2021 LOOP 2 final.jpg

2021 Telluride 100 - Loop 2

2021 Course GPX Files

Step 1) Click on the following link:

Loop 1 -

Loop 2 -

Step 2) Look on the right hand side of the page for "MORE" and click on that link. You will then see "Download GPX" and download the file.

2021 Course Time Cut Offs and Pre-Riding

Time Cutoffs - There are four areas on the course where there will be a time cutoff:

A - Loop 1 - Top of Telluride Trail - 9:15AM

B - Starting Loop 2 - Start/Finish area at Gondola Plaza - 12:30PM

C - Loop 2 - Top of Last Dollar Pass 2:00PM

D - Loop 2 - Vance Junction & Galloping Goose Trail (to go up Illium Rd): 4:15PM

Time cutoffs are in place for rider safety. Sweep riders are sent out at the cutoff time and all course marshals and feed zones will be taken down once the final sweep has passed their position. Riders that do not make the time cutoffs will be scored as DNF (did not finish).